i haven’t had time to do the dishes, quilt, cook dinner, write thank you notes, but i DID have time to BLOGSURF!!!

and guess what i found? a gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!! 

of this beautiful quilt:

heart-quiltgo to the link shown above and read the story of this beautiful quilt.

i was checking out all of the designer’s blogs who just got back from market and i have a least a dozen quilts that i want to make.  i have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then i’ll show you which ones i’m picking!!  i have to weed out my large amounts of fabric that are piling up under my bed in bins, on shelves in my closet, in my dining room on my little table…. 

okay, off to get some chores done that i avoided all day!


Giveaway that ends today!! so HURRY on over!!!!!

i’m just saying that.  don’t bother.  i would rather win it myself and there will be 2000 entries before we know it!  Pigtails and Snails  is having a quilt giveaway!  i can’t imagine making a quilt and then giving it away!!!!  (except, i guess that’s what i do, except not to random strangers) 

k. guys. i tried to post the button in my sidebar but i’m intellectually impaired. any ideas? 

<a href=”http://pigtailsandsnails.blogspot.com/2008/10/quilt-giveaway.html”><img border=”0″ src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FyZMOsifuEY/SO-jVoE7QzI/AAAAAAAAAwY/Q5imZDt02PQ/s400/blog-banner_144x288_v1b.jpg&#8221; width=”144″ height=”288″></a>

playing with blocks

those legless birds and the cone o’ flowers are my next two blocks for my FOF that i’m working on.  i have to run back down to the quilt shop and see if robin can give me a refresher embroidery course on the stitch i’m supposed to do for the leg. i can’t remember the angles!  there’s a joke in there somewhere, but i’ll leave it alone. 

i’m heading back to bed. 4 hours of sleep.  got up to help my son get breakfast before he went to work on the farm this morning.  his last day of summer school was wednesday so he’s working two jobs again until fall semester starts.  this is excellent for my fig consumption opportunities, explained in this post.  i’m so glad he’s back at the farm for lots of reasons, but one is that i’m DYING FOR FIGS.  i’m waiting for the second crop to ripen.  early in summer you get a little crop, then the second crop comes in on the old wood.  we’re waiting for that crop.  not very patiently.  in fact, not patiently at all. 

today is cleaning day.  i won’t be showing you my dust bunnies, not even if you show me yours!!  wish me luck!!

WAP’s (most of you have Works In Progress, I have Work Avoidance Programs)

I’m supposed to be organizing my fabric, cleaning my closet, cleaning my room, purging the bathroom drawers, you get the picture.  But then… i get  interested in far more interesting things than cleaning  sidetracked!!!  

i found the christmas quilt tops i never finished last year for my kids’ lap quilts.  i finished the second one yesterday, got the squares put together for the 3rd one this morning and just have to finish the 3rd panel and then i’m done with the tops!!!!!!  i copied the little snowman in the snowman fabric that is in one of the squares for my applique.  i’ll sell you the pattern if you’re interested.  j/k.  

i chose these fabrics when i was first starting to quilt.  they were supposed to be my first quilts. but then the whole sidetracked thing got in the way again and i worked on others instead. anyway….  these aren’t fabrics i would choose anymore.  but the quilts are still cute.  and my kids will still love them because i made them for them.

magazines for julia that turned into prizes for the rest of us!!!!

a while back, anne sutton of bunny hill designs, was talking about a cleaning frenzy.  she was organizing things… going through magazines, had gotten inspiration from someone to spend and hour a day on “stuff”.  one of her blog commenters mentioned that she wished she had the “problem” of too many magazines – so anne came up with a wonderful idea.  she sent her some of her magazines.  and to carry it a very big step further, she asked her blog readers to do the same.  26 or so of us emailed her for julia’s address and we mailed her some magazines. 

it was exciting, thinking how fun it was going to be for julia to get a gazillion quilting magazines, all the way over in germany.   but….  anne had something else in mind.  she gave ALL of us a free pattern to postcard cuties for winter:

and then, as if that weren’t enough, she gave all of us some fabric!  everyone got either a charm pack, a jelly roll or a fat quarter pack!!!  i (drumroll) got the fat quarter pack! when i went to the post office on monday and picked it up, i actually jumped into the air and was exclaiming how excited i was (out loud mind you) and the nice man behind the postal counter (we call them that so they never shoot us when they are killing their coworkers and bosses) looked at me as if to say “oh no, you’ve totally lost your mind”.  lookie, lookie:

can you believe it? only 3 of us got fat quarters and one of them was ME-ME-ME-ME!!!!! i called thimblecreek  and ordered the fabric for the borders and a few missing pieces and now i can make this little quilt!!  i’m already working on her summer one from the same series.  

anne also had a drawing and gave three lucky winners her new BOM!  

so it was all very exciting.  it was a lot of fun to go through my quilting magazines – along with the rest of my magazines (my husband thanks you anne) and toss the ones i don’t need, send some quilting ones to julia, and then get inspired for some of the projects in the other ones!  and what an added bonus to get these wonderful gifts from anne!!!  

oh happy day.

rabbits and pumpkins

here are two of my W.I.P.s, which are pretty much synonymous with my W.A.P.s (work avoidance programs). I just got my pumpkin quilt back from the quilter.