My name is Brigette.  I live in Northern California, about an hour outside of San Francisco in the  Land of Lifted Trucks and Dirty Sluts beautiful Delta region.  I am surrounded by fertile farmland, inlets of water for water sports, wonderful people and sunny skies.  I love reading, am just learning to quilt, love love love to cook, but mostly, just love my family and friends.  I’m hoping having a blog will help me to keep track of projects I’m working on, motivate me to finish a few more…  and maybe make a few imaginary friends along the way!  And yes, my mother in law is really a troll.  It’s not entirely her fault.  She was born a troll.  I guess baby trolls grow into big trolls.


9 Responses

  1. LOL, I saw the title of your blog and had to check you out! Have you discovered any means of taming the troll? I’ve heard chocolate has magical powers, but I’m not sure if the troll is supposed to eat the chocolate or you are.

  2. You’re hysterical. I burst out laughing at your strikeout. I’m so glad you’re making this leap — massive entertainment in our future!!!

  3. such pressure already!

  4. I love, love, love your blogname. Hilarious!

  5. OMG, you are way too funny! I am so happy to have you in my paying it forward. Don’t forget to post about it to generate interest and link them to me (I have linked my post to my paying it forward start.The more the merrier. It’s nice to know you are not the first and even more fun to find you are not the last hence the post “chain”. email me your mailing info…I’ll be sending you something…can’t wait!

  6. Okay, I’ll admit it, I had to find out who would have a blog name like mymotherinlawisatroll. Had to know. Still not sure, but I sure have been having fun laughing at your posts. 🙂 Glad to meet you.

  7. Do we have the same MIL?

  8. Love yer blog! Hillarious! FYI – I have one of those pesky MIL’s, too!
    Of course I’ll make ya some cute litte blue bumblebees, just as soon as I come up for air! I’m in the middle of holiday madness and we are cranking out tons of glittery goodness for clients and stores! No rest for a glitterfairy!!! If ya can hold on for a couple of weeks, I’ll make up whatever you want.
    Thanks so much,
    The Glitter Fairy AKA Laurie

  9. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! I love your writing- I can tell you are a hoot! Yes- the blog is a great way to keep yourself and your prijects rolling. A sort of, to do list, if you will. Keep posting- love the pic of your daughter and her friend flipping you off, and your son in uniform!
    FYI- you ARE on the right coast!

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