i’m a farmer chick. i didn’t know i was a farmer chick, but apparently i am!

I don’t own a farm. I don’t live on a farm.  I own no cows, chickens (we don’t know a damn thing about chickens!), or other livestock – unless you count my unusually large dog. but i LOVE it when the fields are plowed into perfect lines just before they are planted… i love it when the hay is bailed, waiting to get loaded onto the truck.  I love rows and rows of trees in bloom, not in bloom, with fruit on them, in the dead of winter…I love how those trees are in lines diagonally too… so when you’re driving past looking at different angles, you can still see the rows!  i love vineyards, mustard or wildflowers growing between rows of grapes, driving into orchards to buy fruit…  hanging out under fig trees…

i’m just a farmer chick. i need a farm when i grow up.

I have the good fortune to live near a little farming community.  Right now, the cherry trees have blossomed, the trees have leaves and cherries are right around the corner!  When I drive past Chan’s Strawberry field, I can see a little red here and there.

Farm Scene Farm Stands

Pretty soon, I’ll be racing down Walnut and running up to the stand to get the first-morning berries to go  home and make jam, tarts, pies, hand-pies, and anything else i can think up!

The corn is sprouting up everywhere, the tomatoes have been planted, some of the produce markets are opening…

We had quite a winter, ended up having to move from our home to  a smaller one… but a little silver lining is the view from our kitchen


My camera is on the blink, I’m in the middle of unpacking still…  I’m busy, I’m busy, I’m busy and all of this was really not reason enough for anna to constantly *remind* me that she would like me to blog once in a blue moon…

Lots of things have happened… we’ve moved, my daughter came home!


(my daughter ISN’T the one flipping anyone off!, KRISTI!!!!)

my oldest son moved out… (but he’s just 15 minutes away so i still get to grab lunch with him occasionally or run into him at the gym.. okay, so i never run into him at the gym, but we go to the same gym!)

and something amazing happened…  i got a response from a comment from cassie, asking where i’d been, and when i told her i’d moved, she sent me a little housewarming gift!!  i couldn’t believe it! i expected a card, a note or maybe something else small, but this was truly amazing.  cassie, i didn’t know you’d sent it already until i saw your post today and interrogated my household members… and voile, look what appeared!  i’m stealing your photos since my camera is missing it’s battery and my youngest son’s camera now miraculously has one.

anyway, she made me a darling key fob, a beautiful dish towel, and the cutest recipe book you’ve ever seen!

housewarming-from-cassieand another view…

another-viewcan you believe it???? it’s just the cutest thing ever!  thanks cassie, for thinking of little old me and spending so much time to make me such a beautiful gift.

okay.. that’s about it.  my 3 blog readers will now be happy that they heard from me again, and life goes on as usual…