where’ve i been all my life????

okay peeps, i’m getting stalked to post.  what have i been up to?  baking things for friends: 

caramelized-nut-tarthaha. i actually stole this photo from my neighbor’s blog since i didn’t take a picture of it myself!!  It’s a caramelized nut tart from bon appetit.  i’ve been making it for about ten years and we LOVE it.  you can find the recipe here. 


making a million jars of homemade applesauce…applesaucehaving thanksgiving with my little sister… dsc_0172her husband(who i don’t have a recent pic. of) and her three little munchkins!

dsc_0023and then there was bu-bu-bu-becky and the joes (please sing that to the tune of benny and the jets)(and also, please notice that smokin’ hot red ben sherman shirt that joe junior is wearing.  i didn’t know i loved ben sherman, but apparently i do. i wish you could see the back of the shirt, it’s so cool. okay, sorry enough about the ben sherman shirt) 

bubububeckyandthejoesi snarfed that pic from becky’s blog  – i’m thinking it was a while ago since she is now 7 months pregnant with twins… but you get the idea.   joey  (becky’s husband and tocino lover extraordinaire) is a photoshop genius. you have to see this. he’s a riot. she was reading the twilight books.. here, you’ll get the idea.. becky2btwilight

my little brother brendan was here with his girlfriend allie and his son tyler… i don’t have recent pics of them so you’ll have to take my word for it. 

and then there were my boys… cimg0722and my other boy… demboyzand of course baloo…. looafter everyone was gone,i realized we hadn’t got to hear joey and joe play guitars and sing to us.  maybe for christmas. 

Speaking of CHRISTMAS… it’s NINETEEN days away and i’m not even CLOSE to being ready.  i was hoping for christmas i would win one of those stupid quilt giveaways that i entered for but NOOOOO… some other blogger they didn’t know got them!  i’ll keep trying.  one of these days, a random stranger will make a quilt and give it away and i’ll win the drawing. it’s bound to happen, right?  my mom says she has the same chance of winning the lottery as the people who buy tickets… but i’m holding out. i’m going to win a quilt giveaway from a random blogger who painstakingly made it to give away to ME.   sooo.. all you blogreaders out there, get to work, start making quilts for your giveaways… i have a better chance of winning one if more of you make them.  

in the mean time… i’ll be hanging out with elisa… watching her win the lottery (she won mucho dinero this week! shhh don’t tell anyone), decorating, baking, making candy, aaannnddddd

my dolly is coming home tonight for short visit. i’ve been dying without her.  we’re devising plans to keep her from moving to texas. 

cimg0725so i’ll be making her favorite dinners, apple pancakes with cinnamon syrup for breakfast tomorrow… and doting on her every chance i get.

see you guys inna few.
:waves madly


7 Responses

  1. Well, first of all…do you HAVE to keep reminding us of how long it is until Christmas??? That’s SO rude!

    Looks like you had a great time with the fam over the holidays — just look at all the cuties in your family! And that nut tart looks fantastic — I’m thinking Anne owes you BIGtime!!!

    1) What’s with the Ball jars??? You’re going to be disinherited by the Masons!!!
    2) My quilts arent’ quilted yet either, so I’m here for the quilt giveaway. Where is it? I figure if everyone has quilt giveaways, I have a better chance of winning. I read that on some really smart statistics person’s blog HarHar!

  2. She’s still alive folks! And look at that nut tart—makes juice squeeze out of my teeth! She sounds busy, but chill. Wish some of it, the chill, not the busy, would rub off on me! I second Thimbleanna—we don’t need another person doing a countdown. We’re stressed enough as it is!. And don’t be looking for me to make any giveaway quilst! I’m in good shape if I make my bed once a week these days!

  3. I’m so happy you posted. The nut tart looks wonderful, I printed the recipe to I can try it. I’m not ready for Christmas either and I just cannot get in the mood. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself, everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. I”m sorry I don’t have a quilt to giveaway, if I did I’d only have one entry you!!

  4. The part of me that’s a ginormous ass wants to tally up how many hours until Christmas strikes, but that requires the maths… so, I’d just like to thank you for the yummy food porn. I spent all my WW points eating biscotti (NOT filling) and beef jerky all day.
    And may I just say your ‘dolly’ is beautiful. She does already look like a Texan with the blonde hair and pretty face. Remind her about SPF, and on the backs of her hands, too. (The sun really spoils a Southern girl’s hands.) Cami

  5. Hey, there you are! Just busy it sounds like. And did you have to say how close Christmas is? I’m trying like mad to get ready. Good thing I didnt do any decorating or I would really be behind. LOL
    Those pancakes your making would keep me there for a long time. So is “dolly” staying??
    Happy Holidays

  6. It’s nice to see you around 🙂

  7. Where are you Brigette? I miss your funny comments and your clever blog posts.

    Thinking of you today~

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