i haven’t had time to do the dishes, quilt, cook dinner, write thank you notes, but i DID have time to BLOGSURF!!!

and guess what i found? a gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!! 

of this beautiful quilt:

heart-quiltgo to the link shown above and read the story of this beautiful quilt.

i was checking out all of the designer’s blogs who just got back from market and i have a least a dozen quilts that i want to make.  i have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then i’ll show you which ones i’m picking!!  i have to weed out my large amounts of fabric that are piling up under my bed in bins, on shelves in my closet, in my dining room on my little table…. 

okay, off to get some chores done that i avoided all day!


4 Responses

  1. I’M FIRST I’M FIRST I BEAT LUCY LOCKET — I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!WOOHOO!!!! Hurry and post the quilts you like — I wanna see them.

    Sorry, I can’t write anymore, I have to hit send before someone beats me!!!

  2. That Anna is too quick. Isn’t fun to have her back for her fab cat-sitting? I’m glad you had time to say hello and I’m anxious to see the quilts. Now get those dishes done!!

  3. Oh, my goodness. Take that present out of my stocking and put it in yours…I don’t deserve it! I totally didn’t call you back again today. I was actually SUPER busy with the kiddos today, though. Until about 9pm, then The Office came on and then I was trying to see what to do about Joey being at work still and probably being there until really late and him not packed for his flight in the morning, then…yada yada yada. I mostly got on here to tell you I have been ENJOYING every last bite of the pears you gave me. So delish and just what a girl like me needs. Thanks for giving them to us! I am having a hard time sharing with Joey, though, so I guess thanks for giving them to me. I will call you tomorrow!!

  4. Brigita forget the dishes and make beautiful quilts..we want to see more!!!!thanks for always coming buy !!! A raffle is in the works!!! So check in late next week…

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