another giveaway!!!

camille is having a giveaway.. and what a giveaway it is!


if you comment under her post, a chance at your fav. thimbleberries quilt, if you post about it, 3 more chances, if you go to modalissa’s blog and post there, double your entries, if you send me $100, double ’em again, and if you send me a few thousand, i’ll hire someone to make a quilt for you AND for me instead of just taking a friend to the movies and dinner!  



i haven’t had time to do the dishes, quilt, cook dinner, write thank you notes, but i DID have time to BLOGSURF!!!

and guess what i found? a gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!! 

of this beautiful quilt:

heart-quiltgo to the link shown above and read the story of this beautiful quilt.

i was checking out all of the designer’s blogs who just got back from market and i have a least a dozen quilts that i want to make.  i have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then i’ll show you which ones i’m picking!!  i have to weed out my large amounts of fabric that are piling up under my bed in bins, on shelves in my closet, in my dining room on my little table…. 

okay, off to get some chores done that i avoided all day!