What was I thinking????

one day, a long time ago, when i was setting up my i-google page, i installed a widget that happened to be a “counter”.  what did i want to count down to?  my birthday?  of course i wanted to count down to my birthday, but i really don’t need a reminder as to when my birthday is!  it’s like a national holiday around here. i would count down to christmas!  guess what i found when i logged onto my computer today?  my little counter widget thingy, telling me it was just:


after my stroke was over…. i realized i had to start on my christmas list!!!!  i’ve been buying gift cards for my kids for a while, working on little projects here and there, but fifty nine days??????  oh my.  i think i want less friends than i have anyway, some of them are getting difficult to manage.  i have to decide who to cross off of my list.  the one who stole my produce?  off the list. whew! that was easier than i thought.  (not like she was really ON the list anyway!)  sigh… i guess i have to get going on christmas stuff this week. deck the halls.  ’tis the season.  i already have my christmas gift… for me.  it’s quite lovely. 

thimbleanna  posted her dome a while back… or at least displayed it, and i was green with envy.  i wasn’t really green with envy,  i was just going on a mission to get one.  i got one.  my life hasn’t changed quite as much as i thought it would, but it looks cute on my island in my kitchen. now if my battery weren’t dead on my camera i would show you a picture. you might have to wait a bit. 

what else has been going on in my life?  becky and joey were supposed to come to dinner last night but couldn’t make it.  i was going thru becky’s blog and was just cracking up at her stories… i loved the one about joann fabrics and the cutter lady who called her number, with her being the only one there.  now i know they do that now, and i’ve had it happen, but reading her rendition of it was great… and then there was the alien dream… joey lived with us before they got married and we got to have them around quite a bit and now we’re just missin’ them so much… anyway, come to dinner….. i’ll make girl food for you (vegetables).  and joey can have a meat-fest.  

okay, i’m off to run bonk to the orthodontist in Egypt  Fremont.  I’ll be back in about fourteen hours. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and for those of you that just went to market, i’m soooooo jealous and welcome home!!!


7 Responses

  1. Brigette I’ve missed you. I love your posts, they always make me smile and/or laugh. I’m so happy you finally got the cake dome. Anna broke hers you know!! OMG I can’t believe you now have a counter. I don’t want one. Everything comes up way to fast and I’m way too old to get excited anymore. Have a great day. In Egypt!!

  2. I know, I’m hilarious and funny and you can’t live without me. Actually, I just have some bad luck and happen to write about it. Plus Harold Kruger as a husband, so that’s bound to be entertainment…glad to see another post up. And I can’t believe that Christmas is so close. That means my babies are so close. and that means I’m nervous!

  3. You are funny. I love your posts.

  4. Fifty nine days? You couldn’t just have kept that piece of information to yourself? Like we need the extra stress?
    So sorry the dome didn’t change your life as much as you’d hoped……………….You should lodge a complaint with the manufacturer!

  5. Have a safe and happy Halloween!
    kari & kijsa

  6. WooHoo!!! A Post!!!! I’m so happy to see that in my absence that you’ve mended your blogging ways! Maybe I should go away more often.

    And WooHoo2 — you got your dome! Yipee!!! Now fix that category on your sidebar and stick us both in there. My new lil’ dome sits empty. Actually my whole kitchen is empty — waiting on someone to go to the grocery store since we got back. Maybe I’ll cut a deal — if TMOTH will fix the broken computer so I can post, then I’ll go to the grocery store. It will probably kill me, but this no posting is even worse!

    And thanks for the 59 (now even less) day reality check. I haven’t even cut out my quilts yet. Maybe we can panic together!

  7. Brigitte you are scring everyone with that widget!!!!!! 59 days…yikes…xoxoxoJennifer

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