Mayonnaise Chicken

Well if that doesn’t get your attention, NOTHING will.  Most of my friends are afraid to cook dinner for me.  I’m a bit of a food snob.  Okay, more than a bit.  Well….. one time, about 18 years ago, my friend Holly, bless hear heart, decided to bring me dinner, because I’d just had a baby and it was her friend-ly duty, to bring me dinner.  Since I had taught this woman quite a bit about how to boil water  simple cooking, i was a bit leery, and leery I should have been.  She showed up with a 9×13 and dropped it off.  (Did I bless her heart already?)  After she left, we set the table, and I dished up the chicken dish for everyone.  I put a bite of the chicken in my mouth and then ran for the sink.  I couldn’t get it out of my mouth fast enough and then couldn’t get enough water in to rinse off that awful film that had lined my entire mouth.  I’m cringing just thinking about it.  Okay…well,  I made the call. High School Drama Class finally paid off.  I had to know.  What was that godawful concoction that nearly killed my entire family in one sitting?  Mayonnaise chicken.  She was so happy we liked it.  She just took some frozen chicken breasts, dumped a jar of mayonnaise over the top and baked it until it was all brown and bubbly, and then – the clincher – brought it to my family for us to E.A.T.  

Sooo….. I brought a pot of White Bean Chicken Chili over to a friend tonight who hasn’t been feeling well.  I was not in the mood to cook today. Just had a bad, awful day and didn’t want to cook.  I know, hard to believe, but true.  So I called someone from church and copied their quick and dirty white bean chicken chili recipe that is wonderful and brought that over.  Then…. I get the call.  The one where she wants to know “what was in it”.  That same call I made to Holly… all those years ago, about “Oh my, what was in that chicken, I just can’t place the flavor…”  So, did she really like it and want to know “what was that sauce?”  or was it the mayonnaise chicken syndrome.  I guess I’ll wait a good while and tell her the mayonnaise chicken story and find out.  But for now, it’s a mystery unsolved!!! 

I didn’t take any chicken chili pictures…so I’ll post the last one I have of my son in uniform before he got out of the Marines.  I love this pic. because he used to get that same little look in his eye when i would pick him up from elementary school, the minute he made eye contact with me.  So when he saw us in the bleachers at boot camp,or got off from a bus from a 4 day flight and a 7 month deployment… we’d get that same little look.  He has hair now.. he’s growing it out, but since I only have about two pictures of that “look” here it is.  After his last deployment they unloaded about 15 busses of Marines and we hadn’t seen him in MONTHS and this is him when he first found us in the crowd.  


17 Responses

  1. What a funny story! And what a lovely picture of your boy!

  2. You are just about the nicest person in blogland..I love when you visit..I also love the picture of your son and how we never forget that cherubic face we brought into this world…blessings for you and yours can’t wait to see more quilts..Jennifer

  3. Ok. HOW am I supposed to be your first commenter if you post when I’m in bed sleeping??? Will you never learn??? And that Lucy — that’s two times straight she’s beat me out. You’re going to have to send me some of that 1/8″ bias tape for when I see her!

    Great picture of the manchild. What a look. He’s found his mama!!!

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure we need your white chili with mayonnaise recipe {chuckle}{chuckle}

  4. I remember this story…funny stuff. You are an awesome cook, I bet your bean soup was good. I always get excited if Joey ever says that something I cook is almost as good as Brigette’s… 🙂 I will send you a pic of my twinners when I get one! I’m glad to get to take a peek on your blog!

  5. He is so cute. Is he married? You know I’ve got lots of girls here. 😉

    Its funny – one woman’s yum is another woman’s yuk.

    My neighbor Laura is the world’s best chef. I can never recreate her food even when I make it exactly. Except her bread. I totally ripped that off from her.

    Fun stuff.

  6. Oh, what a handsome Prince you have! He’s so grown up…but I can see the kid in him. So happy to hear he is out of harm’s way. Bet you sleep so much better now. Thanks for sharing! =)

  7. What a good lookin’ kid; I bet you are very proud of him.

  8. Oh thank goodness you didn’t post the mayonnaise chicken recipe. When I started reading I thought poor Brigette, she needs help. I finally got around to making your strudel today. It is just out of the oven and I can hardly wait to dig in!! I’m sure the chili was very good.

  9. HEY,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. It’s great! And what adorable kids you have!

    I miss you- next time I am out that way, we definitely need to catch up!

  10. I have a question for you-actually 2. 1-what is a springform pan? 2-will you teach me how to can? Hey, that rhymed. Joey said he doesn’t mind if I bought canning stuff, but I want to try it out and learn what I gotta buy, so I was thinking you and me could have a canning date…then after go to a nice romantic dinner or something. The twins are measuring at over 20 weeks, by the way, new due date is Jan 30!

  11. Congratulations on getting your son home safe and sound. Saying thank you to him isn’t enough but thank him anyway. My husband was in the Marines for over 23 years and he was happy to hear that a fellow marine made it safely home. You did a good job mom!

  12. Hey Brigette, thanks for your hecka nice comments about our little family. we are so excited to move to Utah. We are leaving on the 24 of this month. we will for sure keep in touch, im excited to know you have a website. it was fun looking at all the pics. I can’t believe your daughter is already old enough to move out. Crazy, and I didn’t know Joey’s wife was expecting twins either. thats really cool. hope to see you guys soon.

  13. I think I’m a food snob, too. Funny thing is…My skills in the kitchen don’t match up to my snobbery. I am always the last person to volunteer to prepare a meal for someone because I am a total flop in the kitchen. I don’t want “death by casserole” to be on my conscience.


    By the way, love the picture of your son. It’s true…a picture says a thousand words.

  14. What a handsome kid ya got there! Glad he’s safe and still got mischief in his eyes! Better check the credentials of any young things who want a piece of that…make sure they’re worthy!

    Best thing anyone ever did for me? When I had my fifth child we were in the AF still. The OC was the squadron commander—pretty embarrassing when you consider I should have been the one taking care of the young first time mommies! Those squadron ladies organized two weeks worth of meals for us, delivered hot to our doorstep every night, so I wouldn’t have to cook! And there wasn’t a mayonnaise chicken in the entire lot. And I’m definitely a food snob too! But AF wives are legendary cooks….That was almost 22 years ago.Believing that what goes around comes around, I’m still paying back! But I love to cook and bake, so no hardship there.

    By the way, I bow before anyone who can applique a basket from 117″ of 1/8″ bias tape and not tear out every hair on her head–kudos!

  15. How wonderful that you captured that “look”!! What a lucky mom!

  16. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog – I love the title…which happens to be true in my world – and I love your blog! My husband is/was a Marine – and once a Marine, always a Marine…but it looks like they didn’t brainwash your boy if you can still see that little something in his eyes!! Now, after reading about your cinnamon rolls thing – I’m off to either buy or make me some – once I get the cinnamon roll craving nothing will stop it until I get my fill!

  17. I stumbled onto your blog tonight. I haven’t enjoyed reading anything so much in ages. Thank you for making me laugh out loud – real loud. So thankful for your son. My husband is still a Marine after many many years. Thank your son for us all – and thank you.

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