Yeah, So I’m basically Bakerilla These Days…

Some of you may recall, Thimbleanna went to visit her friend Cami a while back… and cami made some wonderful baked items, including croissants. 

and Thimbleanna referenced the Baking with Julia cookbook.  

so… i go onto amazon, i buy the book, i spend THREE DAYS baking those stinkin’ croissants.  i proudly bring two of them into the office, alongside homemade raspberry jam and my son’s friend says:

“Uh, Brigette, I generally don’t eat anything that I can’t recognize as food”.  Ratbastard. what was he talking about?  

 my croissants looked EXACTLY like cami’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN.. this morning i decided i should bake some cookies for my husband’s sunday school class…  i opted for something i’m familiar with:  peanut butter cookiesthey turned out great.  our neighbor was in a car accident and i bake stuff for them sometimes, so while the cookies were baking, i decided to whip up some apple strudel.  

no, i won’t marry you.  i’m already married, but thanks.  so… a while back… thimbleanna made some sweet rolls with her auntie annie.  apparently they are rolls rivaled by none.. and she lovingly placed them into her patisserie dome.  i fell gaga in love with her dome.  i had to get one for myself.  i googled it.  they have it at some shoppe in hollywood, waaay too expensive. i ordered it from the place she got hers – all to no avail – the woman she got hers from is missing a few brain cells and is having a hard time ordering said patisserie dome.  i had to take matters into my own hands! 

and there you have it!  my new dome!!! eat your heart out anna!!


12 Responses

  1. Holy Crap You’re HYSTERICAL!!!! How did you know how much I needed that post! I BROKE MY DOME today while cleaning!!! Now I’m going to have to follow your lead until I can get a replacement!!! YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!

    You food looks fabulous! Send some to my hotel room this week!!!!

  2. I’m going to have to stop reading your blog, It’s making me fat! I just had an urge to get up and rip open the Betty C. Peanut Butter Cookie Mix I bought last time you were baking! I’m going to have cookie dreams tonight and tomorrow I’ll be sitting in my car waiting for the doors to open at Panera so I can charge in and buy some pastries. And it’s all your fault! Good grief! I need a cold shower! LOL!

  3. Ok, I meant “your”. And p.s. your spice organization is awesome! We need a closer look!!!

  4. I am on my way for apple strudel…oh wait I just started South Beach Diet again this morning after the cruise…never mind…oh darn…I’m coming anyway…I’ll start another day…LOL! All your goodies look yummy to me!

  5. Wow, I’ll bet those croissants were a lot of work! I’ve had the Baking with Julia book for years and have yet to attempt them. Your house must have smelled wonderful for the last week with all of the baking!

  6. Oh MY GOSH! Now I’m so hungry. They all look so incredibly tempting. Lucky Sunday School class.

  7. I’ve got my fork in my hand and my bags packed! I’m moving in. Talk about delicious 🙂

  8. hehe you are a hoot!! and mmmm those goodies look so nummy. i love your patisserie dome!!

  9. Okay just so everyone knows I ate one of those croissants, and they were freakin awesome even at a day (or two old) !! I might not be a food connoisseur but I love pastries and I’ve definitely eaten mpore than my fair share of them, and they were super good without butter or jam. Now I have never had a croissant that didn’t need at least something. Amazing I think we all should have one again. Bridget lets try again maybe it’s because of our butter issues.

  10. Everything looks so yummy. I’m digging out my strudel recipe soon. I haven’t made Anna’s Aunts cinnamon rolls yet and your’s look lovely. I have Julia’s book but I’ve never made the croissants, I bet they were divine.

  11. I have a suggestion for the dome… You could do this:

  12. Okay…. I have to have that dome…. the original one if you please!! Could you tell me where Thimbleanna got it???



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