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i love notcamping!

this weekend we took the kids and a few friends up to lake camanchee reservoir with some friends of ours and went NOTcamping.  i borrowed my little sister’s r.v.  and had running water, a toilet, a shower, could wash dishes, cook on a stove, an oven, did i mention the shower… a BED, AIR CONDITIONING – just a few little luxuries.  the first time we went camping with these friends it was last summer.  we got home and i still felt human.  i was thinking, that was NOT camping.  then i went to the list of things i love an added this:

I so love not camping.

this is connor, just as he’s landing a flip, before he biffs it.  i need a faster camera.  or some skills.  skills would be nice. 

here are my two boys.  we were playing spades.  we had a fun time.  i still got game!!  

and connor again, wearing my stylin’ hat. 

and on the way home….  sometimes you just have to put your head on the back of the headrest! today i snapped a few pics of kendal and michael.  they are so cute together! 

she would kill me if i put the camping pics up so i figure the day after is fine… 


isn’t this one cute? 

i hope you guys had a great weekend! i had fun with my kids. it was fun to have all 3 of them together.  noooo, they didn’t bicker at all, why did you ask?





i know this has NOTHING to do with NOTcamping, but last week i made a goofy bag that i learned about from anna  she did a tutorial, teaching us how to make those darling bags she made for her cousins last year, and for cami when she went to visit her… you should check out the tutorial... it wasn’t too bad (if you leave out the part that one end of my zipper/fabric sewn to zipper resembles something my cat (may she rest in peace) would have barfed up!)

sorry it’s blurry.  please refer to beginning of post. i either need a new camera, or some skills.


7 Responses

  1. WooHoo! You’re back from NotCamping — now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Your kids are all so cute — it looks like you had a great time. I wanna go notcamping — wait, I mean camping — LOVE to go camping. It’s more fun out where you are though than back here — too many bugs. Did you water ski? I’m too chicken to try anymore — might break something.

    Your goofy bag looks notgoofy. LOVE the polka dots and checks — GREAT JOB!!!

    Oh, and you need to be playing hand and foot. No spades. Just hand and foot!

  2. Not camping sounds like the way to go, since camping is NOT the way to go. LOL And I’m just sure that your 3 kids did not bicker – at all. Just like my 3 kids never bicker – at all. Although, I did have hopes (which you just dashed) that the bickering would slow down when they got older.

    The bag is adorable!

  3. Your kids are adorable and it looks like you all had a wonderful time. The bag is absolutely adorable. I haven’t tried to make one yet, but I did print out the tutorial.

  4. What a handsome bunch!
    … and I really like that bag. If I could figure out how on earth to put on a zipper I might venture to make one for myself! =)

  5. I loved Lake Camanchee when I was a kid! We used to go a lot as kids, a big family get-together type thing will all the cousins and such. Great memories you made me think of… thanks!

  6. I love NOT camping too. We used to go all of the time, but I don’t think I even remember how to work our Coleman stove anymore. I still like the IDEA of campling , but the idea of sleeping on sheets, taking a shower sans flip flops, and having air conditioning sounds better.

  7. Hi Brigette,
    thank you for the GREAT {o.k., this is one of my ‘old words…}list of adjectives! I have saved it so that I have it on hand while commenting ;o) Of course you’re in the draw for my giveaway – my boyfriend started asking me what he has to do on Friday – I’m already excited although I’m the hostess of it, lol.
    It’s so great to win, and I can’t wait for the postman to bring me the fat quarter shop prize – I’m beyond thrilled, I never expect to actually win …
    Good luck, Julia

    P.S.: I think notcamping would be a thing I could try, too, as I’m not so in camping *grin*

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