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My husband had a best friend named Ron. My husband would buy a cinnamon roll for breakfast at school every day. Ron would wait, and then steal the middle and eat it, every day. Every time. This is a true story. Don’tcha just hate Ron?

spousal unit and my youngest went river rafting/hiking/biking/somethingelseing i can’t remember.  I made cinnamon rolls yesterday morning at the crack of dawn for the group to have before they left the church parking lot.  they aren’t thimbleanna’s auntie annie’s sweet rolls, they are my mom’s recipe. i’m going to try hers next though, because if hers are better, i want to make THOSE instead of mine!!  

then today my friend melissa came over and brought that baby we love  over with her and we made 3 batches of marinara, 2 batches of stewed tomatoes and melissa made 4 batches of raspberry freezer jam !  i would have taken photos but my canning jars are probably getting a bit boring. 

hi, i canned this, and this and this and this.  i have to go clean my kitchen.  it’s U-G-L-Y.  tomorrow i’m cleaning, and doing a little work for someone and then starting to plan a bday dinner for sunday for my eldest.  he turns 23 on sunday!  oh my.  he’s older than when i had him now.  :sigh  they grow up so fast.  

i’ll post a pic of him after his bday if i get any good ones. he just got out of the marines after 4 yrs. – and we get to have him home on his birthday!!!!


5 Responses

  1. I’m drooling…those rolls look wonderful. Have a fun, fun birthday with your son. How perfect…he’s home to celebrate with you…doesn’t get much better.

  2. YOU MADE CINNAMON ROLLS FOR BREAKFAST??? Did you have to get up at 3 a.m.??? I’ve always wanted to do them for breakfast, but by the time all the raising gets done it’s lunch! Do you have some secret you need to share???

  3. Hey Brigette… it is your cupcake swap partner here! I haven’t commented on your blog yet… I don’t think. Those rolls look delicious!!!! My oldest celebrated her 15th birthday on Sunday but we haven’t celebrated yet since she has been too busy with her friends to have a family do!!!!

  4. Brigette, Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I got my cute little bowl at Williams Sonoma after Christmas. I think they were on clearance.

  5. I am wanting a cinnamon roll now thanks to you. LOL

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