pesto vs. bitty bird

dear blog friend (metal finger covering who will remain nameless) that i have,

have you tried pesto yet? summer is well underway. i was over at a neighbor’s house yesterday and happened upon bitty bird, sitting there on the shelf. he was cute. we hung out for a few hours.

it would sort of be the equivalent of taking a bite of a sandwich that had a light coating of pesto on one side. i just thought i’d put that out there. and now…. you might want to say something to me like this: “i was at a nice deli yesterday and i had them spread a little bit of pesto on one side of my chicken sandwich and now i’m hooked i tell you, positively hooked!

so… do you actually OWN a bitty bird? i mean, does he reside in your home? just curious. because i hung out with him yesterday. we’re like this (crosses two fingers together). if you won’t try some, perhaps bitty bird will. if you see a photo of him with some green stuff smeared across his face – it’s not entirely your fault. i probably should have had a bit more self-control.

perhaps i can elicit the assistance of a fellow-californian that is heading your way to coerce you into pesto consumption. SSSHHHAAARRROONNNN, Anna thinks she doesn’t like pesto!

okay, i’m off to make cinnamon rolls. the boys are going camping/rafting for a few days.

ooh oooh..  penny is having a monster of a giveaway don’t go sign up for it though, because i’d like to have more of a chance of winning.  you can look at it though, and pray for me to win, but don’t enter!!!!!!!!!!!!


11 Responses

  1. Just hopped over from Thimbleanna’s. Woo local girl! Love your projects and photos!

  2. I, too, am coming over from Thimbleanna’s. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. I’m going to have to stop reading your blog…this place makes me hungry! Pesto? OMG, I had to go into pesto rehab after I tried the stuff! Readers, stay away from the Pesto… This woman is going to fatten us all up! I repeat, stay away from the pesto!!!!

  4. Hahaha! So funny you mention it — I was making a little list of things I need to remember when I get home and guess what was #1??? Try that darn Pesto! I’m so jealous about you and bitty bird. And no, I don’t actually own one — way to rub that in too. I have the pattern. Need to get the wool. Oh. That’s on my list too….

  5. Another jumper from Anna’s blog, love pesto, yum. I had a good giggle over the name of your blog…too funny.

  6. That bitty bird is adorable! About the figs….Last year when our tree was groaning with fruit we tried drying them. Yuk. Lots of work, big mess, so-so results. Found out this year that the variety we have is not good for drying. It’s called Golden Honey. My son is the one with the green thumb. Now he’s in search of other varieties—to which I wail “No..oo…ooo! No more figs!” But he is our budding botanist/horticulturist….gotta encourage him in hopes it will some day get him off the payroll here! When he heard I’d run across someone who knew a fig farmer he was all agog! ….So we’re eating as fast as we can and giving them away to neighbours, friends and random strangers. Want some? Come on over. Bring your bushel basket….

  7. I just jumped over from Anna. I’m so glad you are blogging. I love the name of youg blog. Anna mentioned you when I started my blog. I love pesto and make it every summer and freeze some. And I did enter the giveaway….so sorry.

  8. Thimbelanna sent me too! Love your blog and its name.

    Pesto! Did you say someone didn’t like pesto??? My family loves it. I’m not that good of a gardener, but I can grow basil!! My son’s, favorite pesto, however, is cilantro pesto. I use almonds and lime in it. I’m sure that that much cilantro in one dish grosses some people out, but we love it. Unfortunately, I have next to no luck growing cilantro.

  9. Oh man! Pesto! We used to get these pesto and mozzerella sandwiches at this cute little deli in Portland. Now I’m craving one!

  10. Ha ha ha…that’s even funnier, having read Ms. Pesto’s post! It looks yummy, even healthy! I may have to give it a whirl, pun intended as I have the same food processor!
    Happy pesto eating!

  11. birds are adorable thanks for sharing Brigette!!!!!Congrats on the new blog we are so happy to have you!!!

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