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Saucy Saucy Cha Cha

Elisa and i went to the garden.  picked various things, but mostly TOMATOES!!! 

So… I brought them home, blanched them, peeled them, squeezed their guts out, put them into a pot that i borrowed from kjersti, large pot owner extraordinaire,  – added a bunch o’ stuff, and marinara was born!!

i’m going to try really hard to make some once a week until halloween when the tomatoes leave the planet so i’ll have enough for the whole year.

i especially like these jars!  i don’t know how the rest of you get jars with your last name on them…. you don’t?  oh, sorry to hear that! these are Classico pasta sauce jars that i saved. i figured since they said “mason” on them, we could use them as canning jars, and we can!!!!


5 Responses

  1. YUM! YUM! YUM! I’m on my way for pasta!

  2. You forgot to mention when Spaghetti night is in your house house and a link to mapquest would be good too! Thanks for making me hungry…now I have to go and dig out that old jar of Ragu I had been saving for a “Spaghetti Emergency”! Hope it hasn’t expired!

  3. Ok. You’ve just cracked me up. I looked at your sidebar to see how your categories are coming — TOO, TOO funny!!! And thank you SO much for my own category — soon you’ll have to add yourself there too. Now….whatcha using that marinara sauce for woman? You must share recipes. All in good time my dear Watson???

  4. Thimbleanna sent me! Your tomato pictures are yummy, before I even smelled the sauce. Come over here and deal with my figs, willya?

  5. your salsa looks so yummy! I had to giggle at the name though, my husband and I use cha cha for food that makes us you know, um, visit the porcelain pot. we have had cha cha chicken, cha cha pizza and others. I’ll just stop there.

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