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Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You On My Mind

Last night was our 19th wedding anniversary.  Okay, I just have to say, I’m a lucky girl and my husband is wonderful.  I’d marry him all over again.   went to Shutter’s Brasserie for dinner. I had called the owner to let him know we were coming in and that it was our anniversary.  He just kept bringing wonderful food to our table!  We didn’t order from the menu, he just kept bringing us food he knew we would like.  He started us with Girly Tomato Soup, Chilled with Creme Fraiche. Oh my.  It was amazing.  Then a wild mushroom ravioli that he made with sauteed spinach in a reduction sauce – amazing (I need some new adjectives other than amazing and wonderful.)  I had some risotto dish with grilled prawns and floydie got the new york steak.  the best part was that at the end he brought out a special dessert he had made just for us.  last time we were in floyd had told scottie that he loved fried ice cream and the man made it ahead of time (has to be frozen twice) because he knew we were coming in.  it was beautiful!  Here, i’ll show you: 

isn’t it gorgeous?  

and on another note, i finished my 9 “square in square” blocks for my flight of fancy quilt. 

and yes, i took them on the edge of my bathtub.  you can make fun of me later. or now for that matter. 



2 Responses

  1. YUMMERS! That dessert is unbelieveable…I may have had to lick that plate…LOL!
    Your blocks are great!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! That dessert looks wonderful — I just had “fried” ice cream last weekend except it was the fake stuff and they just rolled it in something crunchy and called it fried –yuck. I wanted the real thing! And WOOHOO on the linkylinks! Lookin’ Good! Is it time yet??? Puh-leez! And I can’t make fun of you for taking pics on your tub ’cause a) those blocks are so darn cute, and b) your tub is clean enough for pics. I need a maid.

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