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how are you? i’m just PEACHY!!!!!

yeah, so my little cohort, melissa and i went and got some SUNCREST peaches.  joy.  just pure, unadulterated, JOY.  

then…. i whipped up a little cobbler

we ate it all that night… melissa, trevor, my spousal unit and offpring (and I) ate it… and then i made another one this morning and drove over and dropped it off at Tairwa farms for them to enjoy.  i took a photo of that rooster i love over there, but melissa is going to fix it for me (okay, so it wasn’t that great, since she has to fix it… but the ROOSTER is great, just not my photography abilities-but hey, i have other abilities.)

then… melissa and i put a few into jars

and then… i had to go run errands!!! and now make dinner… and hang out with my fam.  hope you had a great day too.


4 Responses

  1. WOW-those photos are great! That cobbler looks so good. I can see why it was all eatten up.! You will have buttons on the side in no time. I never thought I would get that all figured out. I was going to help you out but I don’t have Word Press. I bugged the heck out of my friends that have blogspot, and that’s how I got all my info!!

  2. HA!!! You’ve been found out! I knew that would happen when your blogname appeared in my comments — YIPEEEE!!! An OUTING is coming LOL!!! Those peaches look fabulous. And may I just say — Peach cobbler trumps Pesto ANY DAY of the week!!!

  3. YUMMY! Looks delicious!!!!!

  4. oh, yum! fresh peaches are the BEST!

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