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WAP’s (most of you have Works In Progress, I have Work Avoidance Programs)

I’m supposed to be organizing my fabric, cleaning my closet, cleaning my room, purging the bathroom drawers, you get the picture.  But then… i get  interested in far more interesting things than cleaning  sidetracked!!!  

i found the christmas quilt tops i never finished last year for my kids’ lap quilts.  i finished the second one yesterday, got the squares put together for the 3rd one this morning and just have to finish the 3rd panel and then i’m done with the tops!!!!!!  i copied the little snowman in the snowman fabric that is in one of the squares for my applique.  i’ll sell you the pattern if you’re interested.  j/k.  

i chose these fabrics when i was first starting to quilt.  they were supposed to be my first quilts. but then the whole sidetracked thing got in the way again and i worked on others instead. anyway….  these aren’t fabrics i would choose anymore.  but the quilts are still cute.  and my kids will still love them because i made them for them.


3 Responses

  1. Very Cute! I have that little snowman print tucked away somewhere and I’ve always loved it. I’m now laughing at the possibly related posts. The link must have triggered on “Work Avoidance” — Bush Merkel meet on G-8 challenges — Hahaha!!!

  2. I think that quilt is really cute! And love the sidetracked thing…that’s how I operate. Just found you from Anna’s blog. It’s wonderful and I love the name of your blog!

  3. What a cute little quilt. Those snowmen are adorable.

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