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presto, we have PESTO!!!!

i have a certain blog buddy who will remain nameless, because i only have ONE blog buddy so she knows who she is… who is not overly fond of pesto.  now, any time that anyone tells me they aren’t fond of pesto,i always think to myself, “it’s because they haven’t had MY pesto”.  so, in the interest of humanity in general, it’s my obligation to bring her over to the side of pesto-loving-peeps.  

brigette’s amazingly incredible pesto:

into food processor place:

3 cups fresh pesto leaves (easy on the stems please)

one garlic clove (melissa, this did not say SIX garlic cloves)

the juice of one lemon (this keeps your pesto from turning brown and lessens the amount of oil needed in your pesto)

1 teaspoon sea salt or kosher salt (keep morton out of the kitchen entirely!) 

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1 cup toasted pine nuts (i highly recommend buying these already toasted. if you live in zimbabwe and there is not a trader joe’s nearby, then go ahead and pay six million dollars for pine nuts, and toast them in a skillet over the stove.  toasting them in the oven almost guarantees tossing them because they go from lightly toasted to blacker than black in a nanosecond. you could use walnuts here, but walnuts lend a more bitter flavor to the pesto so i say “no to walnuts”.) 

1 large handful shredded parmesan cheese.  not the green can stuff.  the green can belongs with morton, in the grocery store.  (about 1 cup parmesan)

pulse the processor until everything is in very small pieces.  nothing bigger than 1/8″.

get about 1/2 cup good olive oil ready.  the original recipe calls for a cup of olive oil.  i found that greasy.  i use between 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup, depending on how much basil i really use.  

turn the processor or blender on and slowly drizzle the olive oil in, in a steady stream.  the oil will be getting incorporated into your pesto and it should all come out nice and pesto-y!   emulsification, that’s the trick!! 

okay, now, i hadn’t learned the “food” photography button out yet on my camera when i took this photo.  so sorry for causing any maniacal laughter out there: 

it should look something like this.  

now cook some pasta, following the directions for “al dente”.  my favorite shape for pesto is called radiatore.  (ra-dee-uh-TORE-ee)  it is a compacted little ruffle thingy and the ruffles hold the pesto in quite nicely. 

i stir pesto into the piping hot (you have to do this when it’s HOT) pasta, and garnish with pine nuts and freshly grated parmesan.  i like to add the yellow pear tomatoes while the pesto is hot and when you bite into them, they burst in your mouth.  i got that trick from grace the year she grew too many tomatoes.  she was puttin’ those puppies in everything!!!  

ttfn. off to bed.


3 Responses

  1. Hmmm. Most interesting. Pesto you say? And you think I will like it? Ok, maybe I’ll try it (in the interest of Bitty Bird, you understand). It would require raiding ALL of my mother’s basil leaves (btw, I’m assuming it’s basil leaves and not pesto leaves LOL) so maybe I should just buy them, huh? Just picture me squishing up my face like a little kid when I try it, ’cause I’m just not so sure. Do you also eat it with other things?

  2. Sounds yummy! Unfortunately we don’t have a Trader Joe’s so I’ll have to go on a quest for toasted pine nuts. I’m going to give it a whirl!

  3. Your “blog” buddy did try that pesto even on a DING DONG. What was she thinking?? No wonder she doesnt like PESTO. You dont eat it on a DING DONG for goodness sake. LOLOL

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