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magazines for julia that turned into prizes for the rest of us!!!!

a while back, anne sutton of bunny hill designs, was talking about a cleaning frenzy.  she was organizing things… going through magazines, had gotten inspiration from someone to spend and hour a day on “stuff”.  one of her blog commenters mentioned that she wished she had the “problem” of too many magazines – so anne came up with a wonderful idea.  she sent her some of her magazines.  and to carry it a very big step further, she asked her blog readers to do the same.  26 or so of us emailed her for julia’s address and we mailed her some magazines. 

it was exciting, thinking how fun it was going to be for julia to get a gazillion quilting magazines, all the way over in germany.   but….  anne had something else in mind.  she gave ALL of us a free pattern to postcard cuties for winter:

and then, as if that weren’t enough, she gave all of us some fabric!  everyone got either a charm pack, a jelly roll or a fat quarter pack!!!  i (drumroll) got the fat quarter pack! when i went to the post office on monday and picked it up, i actually jumped into the air and was exclaiming how excited i was (out loud mind you) and the nice man behind the postal counter (we call them that so they never shoot us when they are killing their coworkers and bosses) looked at me as if to say “oh no, you’ve totally lost your mind”.  lookie, lookie:

can you believe it? only 3 of us got fat quarters and one of them was ME-ME-ME-ME!!!!! i called thimblecreek  and ordered the fabric for the borders and a few missing pieces and now i can make this little quilt!!  i’m already working on her summer one from the same series.  

anne also had a drawing and gave three lucky winners her new BOM!  

so it was all very exciting.  it was a lot of fun to go through my quilting magazines – along with the rest of my magazines (my husband thanks you anne) and toss the ones i don’t need, send some quilting ones to julia, and then get inspired for some of the projects in the other ones!  and what an added bonus to get these wonderful gifts from anne!!!  

oh happy day.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! How exciting!!! I must’ve been mired in wedding or catch up or something to have missed this ’cause I REALLY need to clean out my magazines!

  2. Dear Brigette,
    I just found out that you’re a blogger, too, thanks to Thimbleanna who provided the link to your blog! Congratulations on winning the gogeous fat quarters! I’m looking forward to see the quilt someday…!
    Your magazine package arrived on Monday – and I want to thank you soooo much! I really enjoyed (I still do!) the magazines you were so kind to send me…THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Sorry, I wasn’t able to find an e-mail address so I could mail you privately!)
    It’s so fun to get a package from overseas (and not only bills…) – I could get used to it *LOL*
    Thanks again, Julia

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