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oh carolina!!!

on saturday i went to my friend lisa’s house for a baby shower for her darling niece, caroline.  i painstakingly cut,marked, pinned, sewed, picked out, re-sewed whipped up a little receiving blanket for her and it turned out nicely. i put flannel-backed satin on the back and a soft flannel on the front and mitered the corners so it’s silky all around the edges!  i’m so happy that megan taught me how to do this!!  

friday we spent the day at donneyworld!!!!!!!  joanna from fig tree quilts was just in europe and was talking about how all of the houses have names instead of addresses-well, right here in brentwood, california we have a house with a name!!    

don’t you love the logo that trevor came up with?  he’s just brilliant!!!!!  i have to add some pics of the waterslides, i was there again last night for family night and forgot to take some more.  here is a pic of a beautiful kite from last year on the 4th of july – it was on the hill up above the slides. we had a great 4th of july on friday.  bbq, watching my boys go down the slides, hanging out with my friends… listening to sterling’s SIL scream bloody murder at other people’s children….  (i was actually trying to get donations to push her into the pool, but all i got were a few accolades and a marriage proposal instead of hard, cold cash!) – a day well spent.  



2 Responses

  1. Hmmm….a marriage proposal??? What’s going on out there???

    That baby blanket is adorable! Just adorable. Methinks perhaps you should do a tutorial!!!

  2. I think Thimbleanna is right…a tutorial would be wonderful…that baby blanket is the perfect shower gift.

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