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busy busy busy

i have a cubby in my kitchen on the wall near the “eating area”.  it is for a TELEVISION.  why i would need a television in the room adjoining the room with a TELEVISION is beyond me, but okay…  anyway, it became the place where i stashed things i was working on and was full of “stuff”.  i cleaned out the stuff, went to some local farmers (bless their hearts) and picked up some old wooden boxes.  I stacked the boxes into the cubby and filled them with the fruits of my labors!

so far i have: apricots, apricot lavender jam, apricot jam, ollalieberry jam, fig ollalieberry and orange jam, spicy plum jam, plum chutney, blackberry syrup, boysenberry syrup, & pomegranate jelly.  i just made corn relish and jalapeno jelly.  my wonderful spousal unit got up at the crack of dawn with me and shucked corn, cut plums, went grocery shopping, cut corn from the cob…  and made it so i could get all my canning done today without anything going to waste.  first he fixes my dryer, then he shucks corn!    

my family thinks i’m crazy. i got free corn yesterday, free plums the day before, free apricots the day before that and i just can’t resist bringing boxes upon boxes of the stuff home!!  melissa and i have had a lot of fun canning so far this summer – i can’t wait to do marinara, salsa, enchilada sauce and diced tomatoes! mmmmm!!!! 

wolfe ranch has their suncrest peaches in as of yesterday!  time for peach chutney, canned peaches, peach syrup, fresh peach pie, peach cobbler. oh my!!!  don’t get me started!!!!!  and then around the corner, the faye elberta peaches will be coming in…  

anyone else going crazy with produce?


2 Responses

  1. Now come on. You know I’m not going crazy with produce and not one else can answer this question ’cause you won’t come out of the closet!!! Just say the word!!!

    I wish I was going crazy with produce — yours just looks beautiful. And of course — you’re doing ENCHILADA sauce LOL!!! I did make salsa one year and put all those beautiful bottles in the basement. (Did I tell you this already — if so, just ignore it and pretend I’m writing this for your blog posterity LOL.)

    Anyway, that winter we had part of our basement finished. In the meantime, the salsa jars got little white spores in them (oops!) The kid who finished our basement was just a little sweet innocent thing so I decided one day to have fun with him. I had him convinced that he got drywall dust in all of my salsa jars. It was pretty funny. I obviously did something wrong and the fear of botulism-ing (yeah, I know that’s not a word) us to death has kept me from making more. It was an awesome salsa recipe though!

  2. Okay – I came over here from Cami. I’m in the Pacific Northwest too, in Seattle. I would love to have some of your jam recipes. And I saw you were going to enchilada sauce. Yummm – you wouldn’t happen to have a recipe for a green sauce would you? loved the blog – will stop by again 🙂 g

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