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my husband is a rockstar

i have an LG washer and dryer.  i love them.  my dryer broke SEVERAL MONTHS ago and i’ve been attempting to get the part and it’s been U-G-L-Y.  i’ve been going to the laundromat every couple of days for MONTHS to dry my clothes.  we live in the country.  cool, hip, urban people are not hanging out at our laundromat.  frighteningly scary people are though.  dirty people are.  drug addicts are.  i’ve been going there long enough that they actually recognize me now, feel inclined to chat.  no a/c in our laundromat.  summertime here. it’s been lovely, pulling hot clothes out of hot dryers in 105 degree weather and getting yelled at by crazy man with bleeding legs to give him some counterspace.  

got the dryer part.  couldn’t find the owner’s manual.  couldn’t download it for some reason.   rockstar husband stayed up until wee hours of the morning and fixed my dryer!!!  i can now take clothes from my washer, put them into my dryer, press a button and have dry clothes!!!  this process no longer involves driving to town and hanging out with my people!!! 

LG – life’s good!!! 


One Response

  1. WooHoo!!! Big prize for Hubby. And VERY cool washer and dryer. My sister got LG’s for Christmas and she loves them!

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