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My friend, the figs and the farm! This was going to be entitled Fig Figgity Fig, after Thimbleanna’s Dip Dippity Dip, but I changed my mind

So those are the infamous boxes of figs before I did anything with them.  I know that I’m probably the only one who cares, but I’ve just never SEEN that many figs together in one place!!  

My grownup unpaid assistant, Melissa came over and brought that baby we love along with her… and we altered a recipe I’d found and made 12 jars of Fig, Ollalieberry and Orange Jam!!!  Our consensus was that we don’t love it as much as our raspberry freezer jam, but we do love it.  

so here is our finished product!!  The best part was that we actually got to drive over to the farmer’s farm and give him a jar of our jam and ttthhheennn….  drumroll…. he invited us to “take a look around”!!!!!  “oh yeah, thanks”  (my heart was jumping!  i was so excited!)  i’ve been wanting to go behind those gates for two years now.  you can’t really drive behind someone’s gate and ask, “hi, i’m curious about this organic farm you’ve got going here, can i wander around for a few hours?”  

melissa and i took cadence down the main pathway and looked at row after row of apricot trees, rows of rosemary, lemon sage (we think),gorgeous purple flowering artichokes flowering between the FFIIIGGG TREES!!!!!  those trees are so gorgeous.  we saw (okay so i’ll relent here a bit) Turkey Figs the size of my hand.  The trees are so majestic. I’ve not seen very many of them before IRL so they were truly amazing to me.  There were beehives everywhere with bees buzzing past (and crashing into Melissa) wild chickens roaming everywhere – a gorgeous rooster.  I had a great afternoon with my friend, my figs and the farm!!!


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  1. Wow…it looks like you had a great day! It will probably come as not surprise to you, but I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen two figs together! Your jam sure sounds good though.
    Now…whaddya say…practiced enough??? How ’bout a coming out of the closet???? 😉

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