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figs in the city

okay, so i don’t live in the city.  i’m sure that roughly no one cares about my fig extravaganza except for me (and possibly my figgypeep, karen since she’ll reap the benefits) but here we go anyway!   i called the Farmer’s Wife.  she was nice enough albeit completely unhelpful and not the least bit worried that i was fig deprived.  driving directly to the farm was out of the question.  i guess they don’t want a bunch of weird people driving to their farm all of the time. i’m just a little weird, though. she said i could drive to Raley’s supermarket and purchase almost week-old Turkey Figs there.  TURKEY FIGS!  okay, so they would do in a pinch, but the woman had just told me she had picked a few black mission and adriatic the night before and that i could not have.  (in the voice of Elisa)  Really?  you’re telling me about them and not giving me any opportunity to have any?  really?  okay,i have to remember the whole “we don’t want tons o’ weird people driving onto our farm to bug us every day thing. 

in desperation i drove to Raley’s.  i bought a shriveled up turkey fig.  i ate it in the parking lot like a refugee. the skin was so tough on one side i had to toss it.  oh well, i’d go back on Friday morning right when they open and be the first to go thru the new figs that came in.  i’d called the produce manager to determine when to come in.  that was the plan. 

my son drove to the farm (the farmer’s wife and her wonderful, kind husband frequent the restaurant that my son is a server at.)  farmer kept asking my son to come to the farm to see about some more work for him.  so, my son finally went – right in the middle of my fig fiasco – and casually mentions to aforesaid farmer that his mom was bummed that they hadn’t been at the farmer’s market this year with their figs.  the man walked into his walk-in (hence the name) and pulled out a box of adriatics and a box of mission figs!!!!! (and a box of apricots).  my son called me and said, “i’ve got some figs for you” and i couldn’t drive home fast enough!!!!!  mind you, he coerced me into gluing his project for english for him in exchange for figs, along with ironing work clothes – but heck, i would have forked over a pancreas at that point, so no bother. 

i can’t sing, but it’s not stopping me.  i’ve been walking around humming, and singing since yesterday afternoon – usually humming because my mouth usually has a fig in it. dinner was about two hours late because i kept slicing figs, drizzling honey on them and plopping myself on the sofa and savoring every bite.  today i’ll look up some chutney recipes so that i don’t let any of my precious figs go to waste.  


2 Responses

  1. Wow! It sounds like you’ve hit the motherload!!! It sure helps to have a connection huh? You’re making figs sound like gold — now I’m really going to have to try some!

  2. […] jobs again until fall semester starts.  this is excellent for my fig consumption opportunities, explained in this post.  i’m so glad he’s back at the farm for lots of reasons, but one is that i’m […]

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