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summer in the delta

it’s summer in the delta and every day it seems something new comes into season!! my fav. strawberries have come and gone-my strawberry freezer jam is packed away for the year. my friend and i made blackberry and boysenberry syrup last week and the week prior. our co-op garden had it’s first pattypan squash the week before last (but our fearless leader’s father took it home and ate it all by himself. the man does own the property, and does go and water and weed while we work on our personality disorders, but STILL….) the brentwood corn has come in. i was driving down sellers today on my way to meet my son for lunch and saw where the trailers and dropped corn and there was smushed corn all over the road and knew the corn had come in full force! i can’t wait for raspberry season to stock up on jam for the year… pomegranates right around the corner, and oh oh oh – FIGS!!!!!!! i snarfed this pic from someone else. i SHOULD give them credit, but now i don’t know where i got it and hopefully she won’t happen upon my blog some day. if you do, “nice fig pic, i think you’re wonderful” FIGS… Local Farmer…. I went their website and this is what it said for June under FIGS: Adriatic, Brown Turkey, Black Mission and Kadota. Now, why on earth anyone would eat a big bland tasteless waste of valuable landspace that could be growing more AdriaticsTurkey fig when they could have an Adriatic baffles me to no end, but to each his own. i’m having a meeting with my agent tomorrow (which really means LAUNDRY, but my bf decided that agent meetings sound more glamorous) and i’m going in search of figs. If i could sing, i would be singing right now. is it morning yet?

(ps sorry for the tag… i am a blognewbie and couldn’t figure that out yet. it’s NOT a blog. they have a hard time answering email, but we love them, because they grow FIGS)


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  1. WooHoo! The troll has a new header pic — Very Cool! (Not to mention torturous to those of us who are landlocked!) Now, here’s a lesson in how to do a hot link in the body of your text:
    Type your sentence. Use your mouse to highlight the words that you want to link (i.e., http://www.knollorganics.com) then click on that little chain linky thingy you see in the window of icons above where you are typing your blog entry for the day. It will pop up another window.
    Where it says URL, put in http://www.knollorganics.com and then hit the ok or send or whatever the positive button says. TaDah, you’ve created a linkylink!
    Now, go forth and multiply!
    Oh, and I should probably try to eat a fig, huh? A fig recipe coming up soon???

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