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big tarts and little tarts

now don’t go getting all excited by my title!!! i was asked to post something new and since i’ve been recovering from four days of toddlers ( got to watch my little sister’s stinkin’ cute little girls while she was in new york on business-i’m not entirely sure we’re related though, because aside of the familial resemblance part, she went to new york and did NOT, i repeat NOT go to magnolia bakery or dean and deluca), i haven’t done too much worth posting about does no my family aren’t all hospitalized, who do you ask? washing a MOUNTAIN of dishes that took me several hours count? i soooo should’ve taken photos of that!!! my middle child has friends from socal up visiting and requested linguine alfredo primavera with grilled chicken and then went BOWLING instead of being home for dinner. (bitter much?) so annnyyywwaaaaayyyy, i made a raspberry tart. a big one for my family and a little one for my darling neighbor.


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  1. Holy Crap Woman! You need to pace yourself. You have us on a posting drought and then you slam three of them in there. I WAS going to comment here that you might as well get with the program and post the recipe, but I checked your comments under the picture post and Walla (sp?)! There’s the recipe! Thank you Thank You! I’m SO trying that one too — Raspberries AND Cream Cheese. I’m going to need to start exercising but I don’t care! Thanks for the recipe!!!!

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