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Dire Warning

my sister-in-law would like to warn everyone that chocolate flavored skittles taste like barf. she also mentioned that if you have any affection (at all) for your tastebuds to just say “NO”.  thanks for the warning amber. i’m not quite certain that i would have been inclined to purchase and eat chocolate flavored skittles, but now i’ll steer clear for sure!

my friend and i were supposed to take a quilting class today that we’ve been signed up for months ago.  it was unavoidably canceled.  we spent a nice afternoon making boysenberry syrup and before we die, we’ll figure out the sugar/water/juice/pectin ratio!!!  we’ll be the syrup queens of america.


One Response

  1. And, of course, when you figure it out you must blog about it! Hey! I get to be your first commenter (that about page doesn’t count — ’cause I want to be your first commenter!) We hold a special place in our hearts for our first commenters!!!! It’s looking very Fabby here!!!

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