another day, another orchard

Melissa called early this morning and I took Eleanor over to the Krey’s orchard.  I’m thinkin’ she’s lookin’ all spiffy sitting there, parked next to the orchard!  Gotta love Eleanor!!! 






we picked a couple of boxes of apricots…..


this is Melissa picking away…. 


and one of the gorgeous trees!!!









and our finished product!!! we canned many jars of apricots! tomorrow, same thing all over again!!! gotta love living in california!!


my husband is a rockstar

i have an LG washer and dryer.  i love them.  my dryer broke SEVERAL MONTHS ago and i’ve been attempting to get the part and it’s been U-G-L-Y.  i’ve been going to the laundromat every couple of days for MONTHS to dry my clothes.  we live in the country.  cool, hip, urban people are not hanging out at our laundromat.  frighteningly scary people are though.  dirty people are.  drug addicts are.  i’ve been going there long enough that they actually recognize me now, feel inclined to chat.  no a/c in our laundromat.  summertime here. it’s been lovely, pulling hot clothes out of hot dryers in 105 degree weather and getting yelled at by crazy man with bleeding legs to give him some counterspace.  

got the dryer part.  couldn’t find the owner’s manual.  couldn’t download it for some reason.   rockstar husband stayed up until wee hours of the morning and fixed my dryer!!!  i can now take clothes from my washer, put them into my dryer, press a button and have dry clothes!!!  this process no longer involves driving to town and hanging out with my people!!! 

LG – life’s good!!! 

My friend, the figs and the farm! This was going to be entitled Fig Figgity Fig, after Thimbleanna’s Dip Dippity Dip, but I changed my mind

So those are the infamous boxes of figs before I did anything with them.  I know that I’m probably the only one who cares, but I’ve just never SEEN that many figs together in one place!!  

My grownup unpaid assistant, Melissa came over and brought that baby we love along with her… and we altered a recipe I’d found and made 12 jars of Fig, Ollalieberry and Orange Jam!!!  Our consensus was that we don’t love it as much as our raspberry freezer jam, but we do love it.  

so here is our finished product!!  The best part was that we actually got to drive over to the farmer’s farm and give him a jar of our jam and ttthhheennn….  drumroll…. he invited us to “take a look around”!!!!!  “oh yeah, thanks”  (my heart was jumping!  i was so excited!)  i’ve been wanting to go behind those gates for two years now.  you can’t really drive behind someone’s gate and ask, “hi, i’m curious about this organic farm you’ve got going here, can i wander around for a few hours?”  

melissa and i took cadence down the main pathway and looked at row after row of apricot trees, rows of rosemary, lemon sage (we think),gorgeous purple flowering artichokes flowering between the FFIIIGGG TREES!!!!!  those trees are so gorgeous.  we saw (okay so i’ll relent here a bit) Turkey Figs the size of my hand.  The trees are so majestic. I’ve not seen very many of them before IRL so they were truly amazing to me.  There were beehives everywhere with bees buzzing past (and crashing into Melissa) wild chickens roaming everywhere – a gorgeous rooster.  I had a great afternoon with my friend, my figs and the farm!!!

fig farmer extraordinaire

almost every time i attempt to add media to my posts, i fail.  then i’ll insert it 6 times, or delete the entire thing altogether by navigating away too many times to preview.  these two are the organic farmers.  

figs in the city

okay, so i don’t live in the city.  i’m sure that roughly no one cares about my fig extravaganza except for me (and possibly my figgypeep, karen since she’ll reap the benefits) but here we go anyway!   i called the Farmer’s Wife.  she was nice enough albeit completely unhelpful and not the least bit worried that i was fig deprived.  driving directly to the farm was out of the question.  i guess they don’t want a bunch of weird people driving to their farm all of the time. i’m just a little weird, though. she said i could drive to Raley’s supermarket and purchase almost week-old Turkey Figs there.  TURKEY FIGS!  okay, so they would do in a pinch, but the woman had just told me she had picked a few black mission and adriatic the night before and that i could not have.  (in the voice of Elisa)  Really?  you’re telling me about them and not giving me any opportunity to have any?  really?  okay,i have to remember the whole “we don’t want tons o’ weird people driving onto our farm to bug us every day thing. 

in desperation i drove to Raley’s.  i bought a shriveled up turkey fig.  i ate it in the parking lot like a refugee. the skin was so tough on one side i had to toss it.  oh well, i’d go back on Friday morning right when they open and be the first to go thru the new figs that came in.  i’d called the produce manager to determine when to come in.  that was the plan. 

my son drove to the farm (the farmer’s wife and her wonderful, kind husband frequent the restaurant that my son is a server at.)  farmer kept asking my son to come to the farm to see about some more work for him.  so, my son finally went – right in the middle of my fig fiasco – and casually mentions to aforesaid farmer that his mom was bummed that they hadn’t been at the farmer’s market this year with their figs.  the man walked into his walk-in (hence the name) and pulled out a box of adriatics and a box of mission figs!!!!! (and a box of apricots).  my son called me and said, “i’ve got some figs for you” and i couldn’t drive home fast enough!!!!!  mind you, he coerced me into gluing his project for english for him in exchange for figs, along with ironing work clothes – but heck, i would have forked over a pancreas at that point, so no bother. 

i can’t sing, but it’s not stopping me.  i’ve been walking around humming, and singing since yesterday afternoon – usually humming because my mouth usually has a fig in it. dinner was about two hours late because i kept slicing figs, drizzling honey on them and plopping myself on the sofa and savoring every bite.  today i’ll look up some chutney recipes so that i don’t let any of my precious figs go to waste.  

summer in the delta

it’s summer in the delta and every day it seems something new comes into season!! my fav. strawberries have come and gone-my strawberry freezer jam is packed away for the year. my friend and i made blackberry and boysenberry syrup last week and the week prior. our co-op garden had it’s first pattypan squash the week before last (but our fearless leader’s father took it home and ate it all by himself. the man does own the property, and does go and water and weed while we work on our personality disorders, but STILL….) the brentwood corn has come in. i was driving down sellers today on my way to meet my son for lunch and saw where the trailers and dropped corn and there was smushed corn all over the road and knew the corn had come in full force! i can’t wait for raspberry season to stock up on jam for the year… pomegranates right around the corner, and oh oh oh – FIGS!!!!!!! i snarfed this pic from someone else. i SHOULD give them credit, but now i don’t know where i got it and hopefully she won’t happen upon my blog some day. if you do, “nice fig pic, i think you’re wonderful” FIGS… Local Farmer…. I went their website and this is what it said for June under FIGS: Adriatic, Brown Turkey, Black Mission and Kadota. Now, why on earth anyone would eat a big bland tasteless waste of valuable landspace that could be growing more AdriaticsTurkey fig when they could have an Adriatic baffles me to no end, but to each his own. i’m having a meeting with my agent tomorrow (which really means LAUNDRY, but my bf decided that agent meetings sound more glamorous) and i’m going in search of figs. If i could sing, i would be singing right now. is it morning yet?

(ps sorry for the tag… i am a blognewbie and couldn’t figure that out yet. it’s NOT a blog. they have a hard time answering email, but we love them, because they grow FIGS)


no, i’m not completely impaired, what makes you say that?????? i inserted that photo into my last post 47 times, so here it is separately. sometimes, it’s better just to break up. aaannnddd, how is it exactly that i got a yellow background in that pictureless post?