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Hello world!

My first post. I was thinking I had a million things to blog about. Um, I don’t.  For work I had to take a personality test.  I had a two hour phone interview.  I had the guy rolling.  He thought I was the wittiest person he had ever interviewed.  He was certain that I was VERY cute and that he’d made a huge mistake by not finding me when we were young and single.  They sent me the tape of our interview along with my personality profile.  I think I have a borderline personality disorder where I think I’m funny and I’m not.  What’s that disorder called?  I listened to the tape and I kept thinking,  “that’s not me, i was waaay funnier than THAT person!”  My jokes weren’t funny at all and he was COURTESY laughing.  So, the moral of the story is…..  I’ll just blog about my family, my life, my friends, my projects, my minor irritations, my abundantly large dog and if i’m way more boring than i thought, just ignore me.


2 Responses

  1. Ok, now I’m just stalking you….and commenting in backwards order ’cause it’s so fun. And ’cause I’m just trying to secure my place in history as the first person who commented — clearly if I can’t be that, then I’m going to be the most prolific com..oops, person who commented. Stalker Com…oops, person who commented!!!

  2. I’d have to agree with his assessment—pretty witty!

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