i’m a farmer chick. i didn’t know i was a farmer chick, but apparently i am!

I don’t own a farm. I don’t live on a farm.  I own no cows, chickens (we don’t know a damn thing about chickens!), or other livestock – unless you count my unusually large dog. but i LOVE it when the fields are plowed into perfect lines just before they are planted… i love it when the hay is bailed, waiting to get loaded onto the truck.  I love rows and rows of trees in bloom, not in bloom, with fruit on them, in the dead of winter…I love how those trees are in lines diagonally too… so when you’re driving past looking at different angles, you can still see the rows!  i love vineyards, mustard or wildflowers growing between rows of grapes, driving into orchards to buy fruit…  hanging out under fig trees…

i’m just a farmer chick. i need a farm when i grow up.

I have the good fortune to live near a little farming community.  Right now, the cherry trees have blossomed, the trees have leaves and cherries are right around the corner!  When I drive past Chan’s Strawberry field, I can see a little red here and there.

Farm Scene Farm Stands

Pretty soon, I’ll be racing down Walnut and running up to the stand to get the first-morning berries to go  home and make jam, tarts, pies, hand-pies, and anything else i can think up!

The corn is sprouting up everywhere, the tomatoes have been planted, some of the produce markets are opening…

We had quite a winter, ended up having to move from our home to  a smaller one… but a little silver lining is the view from our kitchen


My camera is on the blink, I’m in the middle of unpacking still…  I’m busy, I’m busy, I’m busy and all of this was really not reason enough for anna to constantly *remind* me that she would like me to blog once in a blue moon…

Lots of things have happened… we’ve moved, my daughter came home!


(my daughter ISN’T the one flipping anyone off!, KRISTI!!!!)

my oldest son moved out… (but he’s just 15 minutes away so i still get to grab lunch with him occasionally or run into him at the gym.. okay, so i never run into him at the gym, but we go to the same gym!)

and something amazing happened…  i got a response from a comment from cassie, asking where i’d been, and when i told her i’d moved, she sent me a little housewarming gift!!  i couldn’t believe it! i expected a card, a note or maybe something else small, but this was truly amazing.  cassie, i didn’t know you’d sent it already until i saw your post today and interrogated my household members… and voile, look what appeared!  i’m stealing your photos since my camera is missing it’s battery and my youngest son’s camera now miraculously has one.

anyway, she made me a darling key fob, a beautiful dish towel, and the cutest recipe book you’ve ever seen!

housewarming-from-cassieand another view…

another-viewcan you believe it???? it’s just the cutest thing ever!  thanks cassie, for thinking of little old me and spending so much time to make me such a beautiful gift.

okay.. that’s about it.  my 3 blog readers will now be happy that they heard from me again, and life goes on as usual…


where’ve i been all my life????

okay peeps, i’m getting stalked to post.  what have i been up to?  baking things for friends: 

caramelized-nut-tarthaha. i actually stole this photo from my neighbor’s blog since i didn’t take a picture of it myself!!  It’s a caramelized nut tart from bon appetit.  i’ve been making it for about ten years and we LOVE it.  you can find the recipe here. 


making a million jars of homemade applesauce…applesaucehaving thanksgiving with my little sister… dsc_0172her husband(who i don’t have a recent pic. of) and her three little munchkins!

dsc_0023and then there was bu-bu-bu-becky and the joes (please sing that to the tune of benny and the jets)(and also, please notice that smokin’ hot red ben sherman shirt that joe junior is wearing.  i didn’t know i loved ben sherman, but apparently i do. i wish you could see the back of the shirt, it’s so cool. okay, sorry enough about the ben sherman shirt) 

bubububeckyandthejoesi snarfed that pic from becky’s blog  – i’m thinking it was a while ago since she is now 7 months pregnant with twins… but you get the idea.   joey  (becky’s husband and tocino lover extraordinaire) is a photoshop genius. you have to see this. he’s a riot. she was reading the twilight books.. here, you’ll get the idea.. becky2btwilight

my little brother brendan was here with his girlfriend allie and his son tyler… i don’t have recent pics of them so you’ll have to take my word for it. 

and then there were my boys… cimg0722and my other boy… demboyzand of course baloo…. looafter everyone was gone,i realized we hadn’t got to hear joey and joe play guitars and sing to us.  maybe for christmas. 

Speaking of CHRISTMAS… it’s NINETEEN days away and i’m not even CLOSE to being ready.  i was hoping for christmas i would win one of those stupid quilt giveaways that i entered for but NOOOOO… some other blogger they didn’t know got them!  i’ll keep trying.  one of these days, a random stranger will make a quilt and give it away and i’ll win the drawing. it’s bound to happen, right?  my mom says she has the same chance of winning the lottery as the people who buy tickets… but i’m holding out. i’m going to win a quilt giveaway from a random blogger who painstakingly made it to give away to ME.   sooo.. all you blogreaders out there, get to work, start making quilts for your giveaways… i have a better chance of winning one if more of you make them.  

in the mean time… i’ll be hanging out with elisa… watching her win the lottery (she won mucho dinero this week! shhh don’t tell anyone), decorating, baking, making candy, aaannnddddd

my dolly is coming home tonight for short visit. i’ve been dying without her.  we’re devising plans to keep her from moving to texas. 

cimg0725so i’ll be making her favorite dinners, apple pancakes with cinnamon syrup for breakfast tomorrow… and doting on her every chance i get.

see you guys inna few.
:waves madly

another giveaway!!!

camille is having a giveaway.. and what a giveaway it is!


if you comment under her post, a chance at your fav. thimbleberries quilt, if you post about it, 3 more chances, if you go to modalissa’s blog and post there, double your entries, if you send me $100, double ’em again, and if you send me a few thousand, i’ll hire someone to make a quilt for you AND for me instead of just taking a friend to the movies and dinner!  


i haven’t had time to do the dishes, quilt, cook dinner, write thank you notes, but i DID have time to BLOGSURF!!!

and guess what i found? a gorgeous giveaway!!!!!!! 

of this beautiful quilt:

heart-quiltgo to the link shown above and read the story of this beautiful quilt.

i was checking out all of the designer’s blogs who just got back from market and i have a least a dozen quilts that i want to make.  i have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then i’ll show you which ones i’m picking!!  i have to weed out my large amounts of fabric that are piling up under my bed in bins, on shelves in my closet, in my dining room on my little table…. 

okay, off to get some chores done that i avoided all day!

What was I thinking????

one day, a long time ago, when i was setting up my i-google page, i installed a widget that happened to be a “counter”.  what did i want to count down to?  my birthday?  of course i wanted to count down to my birthday, but i really don’t need a reminder as to when my birthday is!  it’s like a national holiday around here. i would count down to christmas!  guess what i found when i logged onto my computer today?  my little counter widget thingy, telling me it was just:


after my stroke was over…. i realized i had to start on my christmas list!!!!  i’ve been buying gift cards for my kids for a while, working on little projects here and there, but fifty nine days??????  oh my.  i think i want less friends than i have anyway, some of them are getting difficult to manage.  i have to decide who to cross off of my list.  the one who stole my produce?  off the list. whew! that was easier than i thought.  (not like she was really ON the list anyway!)  sigh… i guess i have to get going on christmas stuff this week. deck the halls.  ’tis the season.  i already have my christmas gift… for me.  it’s quite lovely. 

thimbleanna  posted her dome a while back… or at least displayed it, and i was green with envy.  i wasn’t really green with envy,  i was just going on a mission to get one.  i got one.  my life hasn’t changed quite as much as i thought it would, but it looks cute on my island in my kitchen. now if my battery weren’t dead on my camera i would show you a picture. you might have to wait a bit. 

what else has been going on in my life?  becky and joey were supposed to come to dinner last night but couldn’t make it.  i was going thru becky’s blog and was just cracking up at her stories… i loved the one about joann fabrics and the cutter lady who called her number, with her being the only one there.  now i know they do that now, and i’ve had it happen, but reading her rendition of it was great… and then there was the alien dream… joey lived with us before they got married and we got to have them around quite a bit and now we’re just missin’ them so much… anyway, come to dinner….. i’ll make girl food for you (vegetables).  and joey can have a meat-fest.  

okay, i’m off to run bonk to the orthodontist in Egypt  Fremont.  I’ll be back in about fourteen hours. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and for those of you that just went to market, i’m soooooo jealous and welcome home!!!

Giveaway that ends today!! so HURRY on over!!!!!

i’m just saying that.  don’t bother.  i would rather win it myself and there will be 2000 entries before we know it!  Pigtails and Snails  is having a quilt giveaway!  i can’t imagine making a quilt and then giving it away!!!!  (except, i guess that’s what i do, except not to random strangers) 

k. guys. i tried to post the button in my sidebar but i’m intellectually impaired. any ideas? 

<a href=”http://pigtailsandsnails.blogspot.com/2008/10/quilt-giveaway.html”><img border=”0″ src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FyZMOsifuEY/SO-jVoE7QzI/AAAAAAAAAwY/Q5imZDt02PQ/s400/blog-banner_144x288_v1b.jpg&#8221; width=”144″ height=”288″></a>

Mayonnaise Chicken

Well if that doesn’t get your attention, NOTHING will.  Most of my friends are afraid to cook dinner for me.  I’m a bit of a food snob.  Okay, more than a bit.  Well….. one time, about 18 years ago, my friend Holly, bless hear heart, decided to bring me dinner, because I’d just had a baby and it was her friend-ly duty, to bring me dinner.  Since I had taught this woman quite a bit about how to boil water  simple cooking, i was a bit leery, and leery I should have been.  She showed up with a 9×13 and dropped it off.  (Did I bless her heart already?)  After she left, we set the table, and I dished up the chicken dish for everyone.  I put a bite of the chicken in my mouth and then ran for the sink.  I couldn’t get it out of my mouth fast enough and then couldn’t get enough water in to rinse off that awful film that had lined my entire mouth.  I’m cringing just thinking about it.  Okay…well,  I made the call. High School Drama Class finally paid off.  I had to know.  What was that godawful concoction that nearly killed my entire family in one sitting?  Mayonnaise chicken.  She was so happy we liked it.  She just took some frozen chicken breasts, dumped a jar of mayonnaise over the top and baked it until it was all brown and bubbly, and then – the clincher – brought it to my family for us to E.A.T.  

Sooo….. I brought a pot of White Bean Chicken Chili over to a friend tonight who hasn’t been feeling well.  I was not in the mood to cook today. Just had a bad, awful day and didn’t want to cook.  I know, hard to believe, but true.  So I called someone from church and copied their quick and dirty white bean chicken chili recipe that is wonderful and brought that over.  Then…. I get the call.  The one where she wants to know “what was in it”.  That same call I made to Holly… all those years ago, about “Oh my, what was in that chicken, I just can’t place the flavor…”  So, did she really like it and want to know “what was that sauce?”  or was it the mayonnaise chicken syndrome.  I guess I’ll wait a good while and tell her the mayonnaise chicken story and find out.  But for now, it’s a mystery unsolved!!! 

I didn’t take any chicken chili pictures…so I’ll post the last one I have of my son in uniform before he got out of the Marines.  I love this pic. because he used to get that same little look in his eye when i would pick him up from elementary school, the minute he made eye contact with me.  So when he saw us in the bleachers at boot camp,or got off from a bus from a 4 day flight and a 7 month deployment… we’d get that same little look.  He has hair now.. he’s growing it out, but since I only have about two pictures of that “look” here it is.  After his last deployment they unloaded about 15 busses of Marines and we hadn’t seen him in MONTHS and this is him when he first found us in the crowd.